Pittsburgh Protesters Facing Charges After ‘Cursing Out’ Restaurant Diners

Pittsburgh Protesters Facing Charges After ‘Cursing Out’ Restaurant Diners

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, officials announced Tuesday that three anti-racism protesters will face charges for disrupting restaurant diners over Labor Day weekend — an incident, caught on video, that commanded the attention of President Donald Trump

Video of the incident, which shows demonstrators harassing largely elderly diners at a downtown Pittsburgh restaurant, went viral earlier in September. The video, the Daily Wire reported, “shows protesters moving in on a group of diners eating outside, yelling loudly about ‘racism’ through a megaphone. Some diners leave, but others stand firm as protesters scream slogans, flash middle fingers, and even steal drinks.”

The protesters make obscene gestures, and, at one point, one demonstrator, recently identified as Monique Craft, grabs a diner’s beer and chugs it.

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, I’m sure this will win over the swing vote in this key battleground state @realDonaldTrump will win PA again. pic.twitter.com/QLczUu0Nz6

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— Rob O’Donnell (@odonnell_r) September 7, 2020

“One of the videos that were posted online

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