PINKERTON: Will Coronavirus Disappear If Trump Loses?

PINKERTON: Will Coronavirus Disappear If Trump Loses?

Will the dark clouds clear away if Donald Trump loses?  Will the sun shine again if Joe Biden wins?  Lots of people say so.

For instance, here’s Democratic operative James Carville, writing for The Bulwark, a Never Trump Republican portal — should we still call them Republicans? — saying just that: “I see a light ahead.”  Carville was presuming, of course, that Biden will win on November 3.  If so, he concluded, “America will go from its darkest hour to its finest hour.”

Biden himself is hip to this redemption drama: As he tweeted on the 15th, “President Obama and I left Donald Trump a booming economy — and he caused a recession. He squandered it just like he has everything else he’s inherited in his life.” And so, Biden avers, “We can, and we must, restore the soul of our nation.”

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Of course, Exhibit A in this restoration scenario is the COVID-19 crisis, which is taken to prove Trump’s malevolent malfeasance.  Biden regularly hammers Trump: “This crisis didn’t have to be this bad.”  He adds that Trump’s “refusal to take strong, swift action” has caused many additional deaths.

Okay, so Biden is hitting Trump hard on the virus; it’s

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