“PIECE OF SHIT”: Kamala Harris Tweet Stokes Massive Backlash

“PIECE OF SHIT”: Kamala Harris Tweet Stokes Massive Backlash




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Piece of shit.

All words used to describe Kamala Harris and her Tweet about Memorial Day Weekend.

What could possibly go so wrong?

Well, when you choose to make the Tweet a picture of yourself and then fail to mention anything about the meaning behind the holiday, calling it only a “long weekend” then it turns out Americans don’t tend to like that too much.

Boy, these piece of shit Democrats really do hate America and Christians, don’t they?

This reminds me so much of when Barack Hussein and Killary both tweeted about “Easter Worshippers”.

Let me clear it up for all the confused Democrats…..

First of all, we’re not “Easter Worshippers” we’re “Christ worshippers” or “Jesus Followers” or “Christians”.  Any of those would have been ok .

Second, we’re not celebrating a “long weekend” and we DAMN SURE don’t want to see Kammy’s ugly mug.  It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and it’s to honor and remember

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