PHOTOS: It’s Always Sunny At The Daily Wire

PHOTOS: It’s Always Sunny At The Daily Wire

When I first read NPR’s story about why their readers should be very frightened of The Daily Wire’s success, I did not recognize my own boss.

Why, I wondered, skimming through the article, did it include a photo of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” actor Charlie Day?

I wouldn’t have thought the star of “Horrible Bosses” would be a guest on Ben Shapiro’s Sunday Special. But hey, everybody’s getting red-pilled these days, so who knows?

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Oh wait, I thought, maybe that’s not Charlie Day. Maybe it’s Marvel movie director James Gunn!

Imagine my shock when I read the caption and discovered the disheveled, bespectacled fellow was none other than DW’s fearless leader, small-g god-king Jeremy Boreing, circa 2009. Suddenly I wasn’t sure whether to ask Jeremy for a raise or MCU spoilers.

What, was there not a high school yearbook picture or awkward family portrait from the fifth grade you could dig up somewhere, NPR?

What’s hilarious, of course, is that NPR’s report supposedly points

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