Phemex Trader’s Arena – 100 BTC up for Grabs

Phemex Trader’s Arena – 100 BTC up for Grabs

On September 24th, Phemex put in motion an exciting competition for crypto traders – The Phemex Trader’s Arena. Registrations are open until October 23rd, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Phemex’s competition has a prize pool that ranges between 2 BTC and 100 BTC, depending on the final number of participants. It is a team competition, so you may want to gather as many friends as you can.

There’s really nothing difficult you must do in order to participate. Simply continue to trade as you normally do, and it won’t cost you anything extra.

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Instead, you get some intriguing perks!

For the entire duration of the competition, all participants receive a 10% discount on trading fees. Moreover, they start the contest with a $10 trading bonus. If you prove to be an exceptional trader, you are likely to win much more than that.

The more participants, the better the prize! Newcomers are welcome as well – it only

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