Pfizer’s CEO Hasn’t Gotten His Vaccine Yet

Pfizer’s CEO Hasn’t Gotten His Vaccine Yet

How’s that for a headline?

This vaccine crap is driving me insane.

Every day they hit us with dose after dose of propaganda about how we HAVE to get the vaccine.

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They bribe us with free donuts and beers like we can’t possibly think for ourselves if someone jams a Krispie Kreme in our face….

When the bribes don’t work, they move to strong arm tactics like the COVAIDS vaccine passports that soon will not let you buy, sell, shop or fly without being fully vaccinated.

Which just begs the question, if the virus is so deadly and the vaccine so good, why do they need to constantly bribe and threaten us to take it?

Makes you think, huh?

You know what else makes you think?

You’d think that the CEO of the Government’s favorite big pharma company, Pfizer, would be first in line to get the vaccine, right?

You’d be wrong.

Turns out he hasn’t even gotten it

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