People Who Must Testify If The Senate Calls New Witnesses In Impeachment Trial


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to pressure Senate Republicans to call new witnesses in the coming impeachment trial by holding the articles of impeachment hostage until Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky caved to her demands.

Pelosi eventually acknowledged she had no leverage in her desperate gamble to unearth new evidence in an impeachment effort based on no crime. On Friday, Pelosi announced she will work with colleagues in the House on transmitting the articles to the Senate to allow a trial to move forward without one concession from McConnell.

As Pelosi moves ahead with passing the articles to the House, Democrats are pushing to allow new witnesses to testify before Congress after weeks of rushed proceedings in the lower chamber failed to bring to light any incriminating evidence against the president. To the contrary, Democratic witnesses either exonerated the president of all wrongdoing or destroyed their own credibility during their testimony, making for the weakest impeachment case

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