People are blaming Russia for 'Havana Syndrome,' but do the accusations have merit?

People are blaming Russia for ‘Havana Syndrome,’ but do the accusations have merit?

A new investigation released this week suggests that an elite Russian military unit is behind the so-called Havana Syndrome attacks on U.S. officials over the last few years.

The attacks consist of a range of neurological symptoms that include intense headaches, loss of balance, memory problems, and numerous hearing issues.

In a segment on “60 Minutes,” ex-government investigator Ed Greene claims to have run the investigation for the Defense Intelligence Agency.

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“We were collecting a large body of data ranging from signals intelligence, human intelligence, open-source reporting — anything regarding internet, travel records, financial records — you name it. Unfortunately, I can’t get into specifics based on the classification, but I can tell you at a very early stage, I started to

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