Pentagon planning pilot versus AI-controlled fighter jet showdown

Pentagon planning pilot versus AI-controlled fighter jet showdown

It will be the ultimate Top Gun contest that even Tom Cruise’s Maverick might find challenging.

The Pentagon is planning a dogfight between a fighter jet with a real pilot and one controlled by artificial intelligence – after an AI system beat a human in a virtual showdown, according to reports.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper this week announced the 2024 contest during a speech on AI development for a matchup that officials believe could mark a turning point in aerial battle technology, the Washington Times reported.

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, has already conducted multiple combat simulations between human pilots and machines.

An AI-controlled F-16 Fighting Falcon easily gained the upper hand during the most recent round.
“The AI agent’s resounding victory demonstrated the ability of advanced algorithms to out-perform humans in virtual dogfights,” Esper said Wednesday.

“These simulations will culminate in a real-world competition involving full-scale tactical aircraft in 2024.”

But the defense secretary stressed that

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