Pelosi’s Pork: $300M to Foreign Refugees in Coronavirus Stimulus plan


Perhaps Nancy Pelosi needs to learn from President Trump’s America First playbook.

Rather than prioritizing American citizens in her alternative coronavirus stimulus package, it appears that she has allocated $300 million to foreign refugees instead.

American taxpayer money should be used to help Americans who are suffering financially and physically due to the novel coronavirus.

But if Pelosi had her way, at least $300 million in taxpayer money would be helping foreign refugees isntead.

Her same plan only provides $15 million to the Veterans Employment and Training office.

If the numbers are any indication, it’s clear where Pelosi’s priorities are.

More details on her proposed coronavirus plan below:

Nancy Pelosi’s coronavirus plan would give $300 MILLION to foreign refugees.

In contrast, her same plan would only give $15 million to the Veterans Employment and Training office.

Import a virus and export our money.

The Nancy Pelosi way!

— Julio Gonzalez (@TaxReformExpert) March 24,

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