Pelosi: Trump Like a Child With “Doggy Doo” On His Shoes

Pelosi: Trump Like a Child With “Doggy Doo” On His Shoes


Is this First Grade?

Actually, I apologize to all First Graders.  

Nancy Pelosi seems to be regressing.  

Yesterday she said Trump was “morbidly obese”.

Classy, Nancy.

Now today she says he’s a child with “doggy doo” on his shoes.

It’s not even good trash talk, it’s just embarassing. 



She said President @realDonaldTrump has Doggy Doo on his shoe

What’s wrong with this woman?

Trump don’t have time for this mess!

He’s busy helping the American people while she’s treating the American people like Doggy Doo

Who else is sick of

— Terrence K. Williams (@w_terrence) May 20, 2020

Nancy Pelosi said President Trump is like a child “with doggy doo on his shoes” and that doctors have asked her, “What is the matter with him?”

— CBS News (@CBSNews) May 20, 2020

I don’t know Nancy, he seems to be squashing a bunch of Crooked Democrats

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