Pelosi & Trump Haven’t Spoken in ONE YEAR!

Pelosi & Trump Haven’t Spoken in ONE YEAR!

Believe me, if I were in President Trump’s position and found a way not to speak to Crazy Nancy, I would take it.

But it was downright shocking to hear Pelosi admit that the two haven’t spoken in an entire year!

Pelosi And Trump Haven’t Spoken To Each Other In A Year

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— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) October 16, 2020

From Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday confirmed that she has not spoken to President Trump for more than a year — but said working with intermediaries has brought results, and talks don’t have to be “person-to-person.”

Pelosi was asked by MSNBC host Nicole Wallace if, a year after she walked out of a contentious Oct. 16 meeting at the White House and stopped speaking with Trump, if she would be open if Trump ever reached out to “open that channel of conversation.”

“Well, it would depend on what the purpose

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