Pelosi sets 48-hour deadline for stimulus talks

Pelosi sets 48-hour deadline for stimulus talks

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that she has set a 48-hour deadline to reach an agreement with the Trump administration on coronavirus stimulus negotiations that can be implemented before Election Day.

Mrs. Pelosi told ABC’s “This Week” that she is “hopeful” a deal will get done before the deadline expires, and she disputed assertions that her lack of interaction with President Trump has affected the negotiations.

“You want to meet with him, you meet with him. But as far as I’m concerned, the speaker of the House must be respected in terms of what the purpose of the meeting is, what the preparation is for and what the likely outcome of success would be,” she said.

Mrs. Pelosi said the coronavirus relief talks are at loggerheads because she said she thinks the Trump administration believes it understands legislating better than Congress.

“I’m optimistic because, again, we’ve been back and forth on all of this,” Mrs. Pelosi said. “You

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