Pelosi plans 'deep dive' into election losses

Pelosi plans 'deep dive' into election losses

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats will conduct a “deep dive” into election losses that have so far cost the party 10 House seats.

“When we get more data, we’ll have a clearer picture,” Pelosi said.

The California Democrat made the first extensive comments on Friday about the losses that defied polls predicting a pickup of up to 15 seats.

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Pelosi defended the performance of her party’s candidates, noting 31 of the 40 freshmen incumbents up for reelection were competing in districts won by President Trump in 2016.

Pelosi acknowledged Democrats who lost their races believe the party made mistakes.

Moderate Democrats are accusing the party’s left wing of promoting a socialist agenda that cost them support in swing districts.

“I spent most of the weekend listening to those who did not win the election,” Pelosi said. “I have pages, in fact, books, of notes, about how they saw what happened in their districts and how they see

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