PBS's Heffner: Trump Coronavirus Response 'Genocidal,' 'Mass Murder'

PBS's Heffner: Trump Coronavirus Response 'Genocidal,' 'Mass Murder'

During Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” Alexander Heffner, host of PBS’s “The Open Mind,” said it would appropriate for Attorney General William Barr to investigate and prosecute government officials, including President Donald Trump, for the coronavirus response.

Heffner called that response “malfeasance,” “mass murder” and “genocidal,” among other terms. He argued U.S. Senate candidates should be campaigning on what should not be a “partisan issue.”

“[Trump] ‘s done it from the beginning,” Heffner said. “I mean, the scientific illiteracy has immobilized our country. It has made it impossible to comprehensively solve the medical crisis. In your prior segment, you were discussing the attorney general. If we had an actual attorney general in this country, he would be, or she would be investigating and prosecuting the malfeasance, the homicide, the mass murder — and it has gotten to the point with more than 150,000 American souls gone — that it is

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