Paul Ryan Is Wrong To Diminish The Culture War

Paul Ryan Is Wrong To Diminish The Culture War

Paul Ryan speaks at the Reagan Library. Fast forward to around the 24-minute mark, where he says in part:

As the left gets more woke, the rest of America is getting weary. This stuff is exhausting. And we conservatives have got to be careful not to get caught up in every little cultural battle. Sometimes these skirmishes are just creations of outrage peddlers, detached from reality and not worth anybody’s time. They draw our attention away from the far more important case we must make to the American people. Culture matters, absolutely, yes, but our party must be defined by more than a tussle over the latest grievance or perceived slight. We must not let them take priority over solutions — grounded in principle — to improve people’s lives.

Well, that sounds like someone who has not taken the right lessons from the past several years. Is Ryan under the impression that the influx of Hispanic middle- and working-class

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