Parachuter plunges through roof and into California house

Parachuter plunges through roof and into California house

A parachutist from Camp Roberts torpedoed through the roof of a Southern California home and into the interior of the house, authorities said.

The man, who was reportedly a British soldier in the midst of a training exercise, dealt with a chute that didn’t fully open before he plunged through the house in Atascadero on July 6 at just before 5 p.m., police said in a news release.

“The parachutist was conscious but stunned with complaints of pain but no visible serious injuries,” the Atascadero Police Department said in a recent news release.

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“The occupants of the residence were not home at the time and therefore were uninjured.”

The homeowner’s mother told KSBY that there wasn’t much damage in the house after he came through the roof when he landed inside – apparently into the kitchen.

A British soldier cheated death after smashing through a roof and landing in a kitchen.Twitter

“It’s amazing,” Linda Sallady said. “It’s mostly the

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