Palestinian Imam: We’ll ‘Shatter’ USA, Jews ‘Too Lowly’ for Muslims

Palestinian Imam: We’ll ‘Shatter’ USA, Jews ‘Too Lowly’ for Muslims

Jerusalem Imam Yousef Makharzah said in a Friday sermon that Muslims will shatter the “head of America” and the “infidels” and “conquer” Rome, while describing Jews as “too lowly” for Muslim consideration. His remarks come while pro-Palestinian demonstrators in major cities have been accused of attacking Jews and Democrats cozy up to the Palestinians.

In his remarks, which aired on Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Al-Waqiyah TV (Lebanon) on Monday, Makharzah attacked the United States, as well as Jews, after stating that Allah (God) would revive Muslims worldwide.

“The one who can revive the dead [i.e. Allah], will revive the people of Palestine,” he stated.

“He will revive the people of Iraq, the people of Egypt, the people of Syria, the people of Pakistan, the people of Bangladesh, and the Muslims all over the world,” he added. 

Friday Sermon in Jerusalem by Imam Yousef Makharzah: We Shall Shatter the Heads

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