Pakistan police arrest key suspect in shocking highway rape

Pakistan police arrest key suspect in shocking highway rape

ISLAMABAD (AP) – Pakistani police have arrested the second assailant in a gang rape of a woman whose car broke down on a deserted highway at night last month, when two attackers pulled her out of the vehicle and brutally assaulted her as her terrified children watched, helpless.

The suspect, Abid Malhi, was arrested late on Monday, ending a monthlong manhunt. He was arraigned in court in the eastern city of Lahore on Tuesday and ordered jailed for two weeks pending further police investigate. The other assailant, Shafqat Ali, was arrested a week after the September assault.

Police had earlier said the woman had locked her car doors when she ran out of fuel on the road in the province of Punjab, where Lahore is the capital, and dialed for help. But the two men, who were armed, broke a car window and dragged her outside where they raped her.

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The attack shocked Pakistan and galvanized women’s rights activists

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