PA Health Secretary Predicts Masks ‘Maybe To The End Of 2021’

PA Health Secretary Predicts Masks ‘Maybe To The End Of 2021’

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine claimed Thursday that state residents might have to get used to wearing masks for another year.

Despite promising results for COVID-19 vaccines from pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna, Levine cited the need to ration them in three phases as a reason for extended preventative measures, according to Penn Live.

The first phase includes “front-line health care workers, first responders, the elderly and people living in group health care settings,” Penn Live reported, followed by a second phase for “high-risk people” not in the first phase, with the third phase encompassing the general public.

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“We anticipate we’re going to be rolling this out through the winter and then into the spring and into the summer,” Levine told Penn Live. “It could take a significant amount of time to immunize everyone in Pennsylvania. I anticipate we’re going to be wearing masks well into 2021, maybe to the end of 2021.”

Following Levine’s advice, Democratic

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