Owner claims Portland restaurant was shot at for being ‘pro-police’

Owner claims Portland restaurant was shot at for being ‘pro-police’

A restaurant in Portland, Ore., had been warned that “something” would happen to it because of their apparent pro-police stance before someone shot through the windows days later, a report said.

The owner of Heroes American Café, John Jackson, told The Oregonian that someone called the burger joint last Thursday to say it was on a list of establishments that are pro-police and they should expect something to happen.

“We kind of dismissed it as whatever,” Jackson, 55, told the newspaper.

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But on Sunday, vandals targeted the restaurant, shooting out two windows and smashing a third with a baseball bat, according to the report.

The vandalism came the same day a demonstration dubbed a “day of rage” on fliers hit the streets of the city. There have been a string of destructive protests in Portland since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

“It looked like a planned thing because they called us on Thursday and threatened

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