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Over 500 Boats Parade For Donald Trump In Florida!

You’ve heard of the Trump Train….but have you heard of the Trump Fleet?

I think a Fleet is about the only word to describe 500 boats all out together, united for one cause.

United behind Donald J. Trump!

Such a great sight to see, this is so cool, check this out:

Big turnout today to celebrate #TrumpPence2020 #Trump2020 over 540 boats… #Sellingmarcoisland #Naples pic.twitter.com/RydhkTVypR

— Lisa C Bushnell (@LisaCBushnell) May 23, 2020

And here:

Trump rally Boat parade Naples FLORIDA pic.twitter.com/70h1oj53BF

— Robert (@RtfischerRobert) May 23, 2020

Has Biden ever received a boat parade?

Scratch that…have you ever even seen a single Biden flag?  

Not me.

The Naples News had more details on this awesome story:

From canoes to yachts, over 500 boats decorated with U.S. and Trump 2020 flags navigated Collier County waters Saturday in support of President Donald Trump’s reelection.

Boats departed after 10 a.m. from Naples City Dock to a recording

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