Out of Shadows – Documentary

Out of Shadows – Documentary

If you’ve watched the Fall of the Cabal documentary that we saved from the YouTube purge, you will probably be very interested in this next one.

This is called Out of Shadows and it’s a documentary produced in 2020.

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You’ve probably heard about it.

But have you seen it?

Trust me, this is a must-watch.

I’ve got the full video for you with two backups.

Bookmark this and show all your friends and family.

Here is the Bitchute video link:

And if that gets taken down, I have a backup on Rumble.

Watch here:


Spread this everywhere!

Thank you!

And speaking of Fall of the Cabal…

YouTube has deleted almost every version of Fall of the Cabal out there but luckily I saved them!

So I am giving you the full 10 parts all in one video.

Use this link from Bitchute.

Please enjoy.

And please spread this around because CLEARLY they

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