'Out of control': Protesters describe Capitol chaos

'Out of control': Protesters describe Capitol chaos

Protesters who were part of an unprecedented, four-hour siege of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday told the Washington Examiner they planned a peaceful occupation of the building, but some people in their group turned violent.

“It just got crazy, that’s all I can say,” a protester from Michigan told the Washington Examiner as he walked away from the Capitol hauling a Trump flag.

Hundreds of protesters who were among a throng that marched to the Capitol broke through barricades and past the police, in some cases forcing their way into the building, which they believed they had the right to access. The two congressional chambers were evacuated, and lawmakers were taken to secure locations.

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Thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C., Wednesday to protest the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential victory by Congress. They believe President Trump’s message that Biden won the election fraudulently and went to, and inside, the Capitol to register their objection.

“I thought

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