Oregon removes ‘racist’ lyrics from obscure state anthem

Oregon removes ‘racist’ lyrics from obscure state anthem

Oregon removed lyrics from its little-known state anthem some viewed as racist and gave the obscure tune some more inclusive verses.

State lawmakers passed a resolution to change some words to “Oregon, My Oregon” on Monday after years of activists pushing for some modern edits to the tune, The Oregonian/oregonlive.com reported.

Gone are the opening lines, “Land of the empire builders/Land of the golden west/Conquered and held by free men/Fairest and the best.”

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In its place is “Land of majestic mountains/land of the Great Northwest/Forests and rolling rivers/Grandest and the best.”

And instead of a second verse lyric that says “Blest by the blood of martyrs,” the new version gets “Blessed by the love of freedom.”

At the head of the push for new words was former music teacher Amy Shapiro, who has said she hesitated to sing the song with her students, the Oregonian reported.

She called the changes small but “profound” in testimony about the change cited

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