Oregon Dems Use Recycling Bill To Codify ‘Equity’ Definition

Oregon Dems Use Recycling Bill To Codify ‘Equity’ Definition

Democrats in the Oregon state Senate are attempting to codify the definition of “equity” into an amendment on recycling. 

According to a copy of the amendment obtained by The Daily Wire, Democrats are pushing for a taxpayer-funded commission to issue an “equity study” related to recycling. The commission will assess how Oregon’s recycling system can help redistribute wealth and power based on race. 

“The Department of Environmental Quality, in consultation with local governments and the Oregon Recycling System Advisory Council, shall conduct a study of equity in Oregon’s recycling system to determine conditions and make recommendations, including goals to achieve continuous improvement,” the amendment reads. “The department shall provide public involvement opportunities for under-served communities during the study.”

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The amendment has not received a fiscal impact statement yet, so taxpayers remain unsure what the study will cost them. 

If the amendment passes, it would codify the definition of “equity” into law. The amendment defines equity as “the effort to

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