Oregon County SECESSION Moving FORWARD

Oregon County SECESSION Moving FORWARD

You know what hasn’t happened in over a hundred years?

Some sort of secession. Whether it be areas seceding into other states, or states seceding from the union altogether. The Texas movement for secession gained some traction late last year, but was forgotten as calls to secede calmed down.

The call to secession is far from being forgotten in some parts of Oregon though.

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According to reports, Harney County Oregon will put the decision to secede from Oregon into Idaho to a vote this November. The petition to bring this to vote has collected enough signatures to move the initiative forward.

Citizens are fed up with high taxes, government corruption, and the woke liberalized politics that plague many parts of Oregon.

If this succeeds then maybe Harney County won’t be the last place to secede into greener pastures.

Take a look:

SECESSION: Oregon Counties Will Vote To Secede From Oregon This November And Join “GREATER IDAHO” https://t.co/rwUxVSkShA pic.twitter.com/w75YxyL92h

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