ORBS Tokens Will Soon Be Available on Alpaca Finance Vault

ORBS Tokens Will Soon Be Available on Alpaca Finance Vault

Vault Listing to Deliver Increased Yields & Rewards for Community

As DeFi continues to grow, public blockchain infrastructures such as Orbs are experiencing increased interest from some of the most prominent players within the cryptocurrency universe, especially staking. The Orbs team has been working round the clock on integrating their solution with significant tools and platforms, including AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, FTX, KuCoin, Metamask, Enjin Wallet, and several others.

Following the success of Orbs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and PancakeSwap, the team has announced that Orbs will soon be added to the Alpaca Finance Vault, enabling users who hold ORBS tokens to maximize their earnings by using Alpaca’s leveraged farming and Grazing Range features.

An advanced lending protocol that allows leveraged yield farming on the Binance Smart Chain, Alpaca Finance assists lenders with earning stable yields and offering borrowers undercollateralized loans. The platform offers several farming pools to choose amongst, depending on the user’s risk tolerance and

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