Opinion: What We Can Learn From Ronald Reagan’s Bookshelves

Opinion: What We Can Learn From Ronald Reagan’s Bookshelves

When pursuing ambitious goals, it can be easy to attach ourselves to important people, but it’s easy to forget that those people were influenced by others who came before them. 

I recently had the opportunity to tour President Ronald Reagan’s ranch — El Rancho Del Cielo — in California where he and First Lady Nancy Reagan spent much of their time. The humble residence sits on hundreds of acres, with hills surrounding it on both sides so that it feels tucked away from the outside world.

When Nancy Reagan sold the ranch to Young America’s Foundation in 1998, she insisted that it be kept exactly the way that they had lived in it in order to preserve its history and purpose. The decorations are the same as they were when the Reagans lived there and it seems almost as if the couple is still around, keeping an eye on things. 

One gets this impression especially from the bookcases. 

The same books that Ronald

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