Op-Ed: Soon the Mob Is Going To Turn on Pelosi Herself

Op-Ed: Soon the Mob Is Going To Turn on Pelosi Herself

“Versailles cast a spell over those who lived and served and visited there. And while they were under its spell, they breathed nothing but incense, drank nothing but nectar, ate nothing but ambrosia — and imagined that they crushed roses underfoot.” — Carolly Erickson, “To the Scaffold: The Life of Marie Antoinette”

Nancy Patricia Pelosi was elected to California’s 5th Congressional District in 1987. Since then, she has risen to serve two terms as speaker of the House of Representatives, the most prestigious and powerful position in the U.S. Congress, second in line to the presidency. Should both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence be unable to serve in office, Nancy Pelosi, by Constitutional mandate, would become president of the United States.

She is a member of political nobility.

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As speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has a call on virtually all federal assets except Air Force One and Air Force Two.

At her leisure, she flies wherever

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