Op-Ed: People Aren’t as Stupid as Zuckerberg Thinks

Op-Ed: People Aren’t as Stupid as Zuckerberg Thinks

Mark Zuckerberg is a programmer. Rich, successful and very talented, if you will, but a programmer after all.

In 2004 he created the social network Facebook, a work of genius that keeps us glued to the screen like zombies, to see if people like or dislike our new striped sweater.

But his moral authority is no higher than that of the inventor of telephone cable. His corporate power is immense, no doubt, but his political and sociological opinions can be as smart or as stupid as anyone else’s.

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Someone should tell him to stop carrying the responsibility of saving all Americans on his shoulders. No one has asked him to do that. Actually, it’s a horrible thing to say, but the only thing we like about him is his ability to successfully combine ones and zeros.

I say this because, like the owners of other social networks, Zuckerberg has been

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