Op-Ed: How Conservatives Can Close the So-Called ‘Racial Education Gap’

Op-Ed: How Conservatives Can Close the So-Called ‘Racial Education Gap’

The American education system has been stagnant for decades with student performance remaining largely unchanged since the 1980s despite massive increases in funding and staffing.

Some critics place the blame on a concept called the “achievement gap.” The achievement gap points out that there is a huge difference in student performance between school districts with different average income levels where the poorer areas perform worse than richer ones.

Systemic racism has also been blamed for the gap, but the 2020 U.S. Census data disputes that. Eighty-eight percent of African-Americans complete high school while the national average for all Americans is 90 percent. In regard to higher education, the percentage of minorities earning college degrees has increased since the year 2000 while the percentage of white people has decreased by 12 points.

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However, despite the data, the emphasis on racial “fairness” has been embraced by political leaders and policymakers. By their definition,

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