Oops! Biden Appears to Bust Himself Using a Teleprompter

Oops! Biden Appears to Bust Himself Using a Teleprompter

There has been talk now for some time that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden can’t get through virtual campaign events or speeches without a teleprompter – because his mental acuity has deteriorated so much he’s unable to think on his feet.

The mainstream media, Democrat activists posing as journalists, have been covering for Biden the entire campaign. Not only will they not report on the man’s obvious mental decline, but they also aren’t interested in finding out, and then reporting, on the issue.


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That seems odd, doesn’t it? After all, if Biden doesn’t use a teleprompter, the Democrat media would be screaming it from the tops of their corporate offices and plastering the headlines all over the place.

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But we know why the media isn’t interested in clearing this up for us: Because it’s likely true that Biden can’t get through a press conference, a virtual

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