One Year Later Our Answer To Lockdowns Must Be ‘Never Again’

One Year Later Our Answer To Lockdowns Must Be ‘Never Again’

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus lockdowns, American society is at a crossroads. For almost the entire time it has taken for the planet to revolve around the sun, most Americans have been living under crushing and unprecedented restrictions. Well, they aren’t unprecedented anymore, and that is a fact that we and our progeny will need to struggle with.

During these 12 months, Americans have been told they cannot run their businesses, they cannot go to church, they cannot gather with their families, they cannot attend cultural events, their children can’t be educated in schools, and they cannot go outside without masks. To make matters worse, in most states these restrictions on basic life were not produced through a normal legislative or political process but by emergency powers granted to dictatorial governors.

To put it bluntly, huge swaths of our citizenry have lived through these months in a country that does not resemble America, at least

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