On Western swing, Trump aims to court pivotal Latino voters

On Western swing, Trump aims to court pivotal Latino voters

LAS VEGAS (AP) – President Donald Trump on Sunday aimed for further inroads with Latinos who could prove vital in closely contested states that could determine the White House race, promoting economic gains these voters made before the coronavirus pandemic.

Though Trump has made scores of inflammatory and derogatory comments about Latinos, his campaign is growing confident that he has won some support that could help in Florida, Arizona and Nevada, his target this weekend.

The president scheduled a roundtable discussion with Latinos in Las Vegas on Sunday and planned to host a similar event in Arizona on Monday.

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But it has been an uphill climb for Trump, whose hard-line immigration policies and sometimes virulent depiction of immigrants have alienated many Latinos.

In the first moments of his 2016 campaign, he declared that many Mexican immigrants were “rapists.” He has drawn criticism for his tepid response to a hurricane that ravaged Puerto Rico, his polices to separate children from

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