Oliver Stone: My Career Would Not Survive ‘Cancel F***ing Culture’

Oliver Stone: My Career Would Not Survive ‘Cancel F***ing Culture’

Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone emphatically denounced cancel culture, charging it would have ruined his career before it even started.

Promoting his autobiography on SiriusXM’s “Jim Norton & Sam Roberts,” the “Platoon” director said that if he were starting his career today, he’d be stepping on way too many “sensitivities” to have a career in movies.

“I mean, it’s just impossible. I would have had to step on so many sensitivities. You have to have some freedom to make a movie, unfortunately,” said Stone, as reported by Page Six.

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“You have to be rude. You can be bad. And you’re going to have to do to these things like step on toes,” he continued. “Holy cow. Do you think I could have made any one of those films? I can tell you that if I made any of my films, I don’t think I’d last. I’d be vilified. I’d be attacked. Shamed. Whatever you want to call that …

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