OLIVER: Private School Chic — And Black Lives Matter

OLIVER: Private School Chic — And Black Lives Matter

For those of you confined to quarters by fascist politicians and who as penance for your sins want to read obsequious unmitigated mind-bending, virtue-signaling cr*π, we rush to your rescue with quotes from some of the nation’s most exclusive and prestigious educational institutions.

First, Milton Academy, located in Milton, Massachusetts, where the $59,560 tuition for boarders is only a rounding error on a hedge fund manager’s annual (or is it monthly?) take.

A letter sent recently to the Milton community says: “Black Lives Matter. Milton affirms the beliefs of the BLM movement as we work toward improving justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion within our community.”

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This from adults, who are in the business of teaching reading, writing and discriminating.

How could any sentient person of good will affirm the beliefs of the BLM movement? The statement “black live matter” is unarguably true — and no one is arguing with it. But when you capitalize “BLM” you refer, obviously, to the organization, not the proposition, as the Milton letter makes absolutely clear when it says it “affirms the beliefs of the BLM movement.”

The BLM organization was founded in 2013 by three self-described radical Marxists. One of

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