Oklahoma Lawmakers Rename Stretch Of Highway After Donald Trump

Oklahoma Lawmakers Rename Stretch Of Highway After Donald Trump

Republican lawmakers in Oklahoma have successfully renamed a stretch of highway after former President Donald Trump. 

Under a new bill, signed by Republican Governor Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma will rename a 20-mile stretch of highway, between Boise City and the border with Texas, after the forty-fifth president. The highway, part of U.S. route 287, runs north to south through the Oklahoma panhandle. 

According to The Oklahoman, lawmakers managed to rename the highway stretch after Trump with relative ease, having included the provision in an annual infrastructure naming bill. They lawmakers did, however, have to amend a bill that requires everyone except medal of honor recipients to have been dead for at least 3 years before a bridge or highway can be renamed in their honor. 

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Around the country, former presidents have often served as inspiration to people looking to name infrastructure, such as buildings, parks or monuments.

Back in late April, a freshman Ohio lawmaker introduced a bill to formally rename Mosquito Lake

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