Oklahoma City DA: “This Is Not Seattle!”

Oklahoma City DA: “This Is Not Seattle!”

Take note, mayor Jenny. 

This is how you deal with left wing mobsters.

As reported by local Fox affiliate, Fox25 in the Sooner State:

Black Lives Matter Oklahoma City and the ACLU of Oklahoma are telling District Attorney David Prater he went too far after protesters were charged with terrorism.

Some of the charges announced Friday come from about a month ago when protests started in downtown Oklahoma City.

On the weekend of May 30, out of peaceful protests came violent clashes with police.

An Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office van was set on fire.

Investigators say both Isael Ortiz and Eric Ruffin were involved.

On top of arson charges, both were charged with crimes of terrorism.

Black Lives Matter says the D.A. went overboard.

“Property damage is not a violent nor an act of terrorism,” said Black Lives Matter OKC Executive Director Sheri Dickerson. “The only violence committed on May 30 and 31 was the excessive force of

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