Oil And Gas Company Slams North Face For ‘Green’ Hypocrisy

Oil And Gas Company Slams North Face For ‘Green’ Hypocrisy

Liberty, a North American oilfield company, released a video on Thursday slamming North Face for its hypocrisy.

The outdoor clothing company often boasts that it is an environmentally friendly company that recycles and reuses textile materials to create its gear. North Face even went so far as to deny a different oil and gas company its order in the name of committing to be more “green,” but Liberty CEO Chris Wright says the popular company is mostly talk.

“I went through North Face’s website of wide-ranging products, and I failed to find a single product that wasn’t made out of oil and gas,” he said.

The more you know… pic.twitter.com/iK87BviBOW

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— Liberty (@LibertyFrac) June 4, 2021

North Face claims to be a company that is “sustainable from start to finish,” but Liberty says the clothing company creates products that likely use at least 90 percent oil- and gas-related fibers, which is far more than the 60 percent global

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