Obama Reportedly Said Trump ‘Knows Absolutely Nothing’ After 2016 White House Meeting


Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Release Of President Trump’s Financial Records

STEPMAN: America’s Founders Would Be Disgusted By Deep State’s Effort To Stop Trump

Senior Trump Official: The Anonymous Author Of ‘A Warning’ Is Not A Hero, He’s A Coward

CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ Guest Warns Viewers That Trump Supporters Are Part Of A ‘Destructive Cult’

Three Years Into Trump Admin, A Quarter Of Embassy Slots Are Vacant, Leaving State Department Bureaucrats In Charge

BUTLER: Warren Should Plan To Crack Down On Her Colleagues When They Don’t Pay Taxes

White House, Capitol Placed On Lockdown After Plane Enters Restricted Airspace

‘They Are Endangering The Communities’: New DHS Chief Rips Sanctuary Cities

Watch Inside Look At ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ And The Incredible Cultural Impact Of The Saga

The Supreme Court Just Dealt Adnan Syed Of ‘Serial’ A Major Setback

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