It never ends does it?

The woeful scandals of people who are supposed to be our leaders. People we are supposed to trust. This time it unsurprisingly came from Obama.

You see, Obama didn’t just spy on President Trump. According to sources, Obama was spying on everybody.

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The whole planet pretty much.

Obama reportedly spied on Americans, foreign allies, and even journalists.

I wonder what had him so paranoid that he chose to spy on everyone like this?

Take a look:

Obama spied on everyone. Foreign and domestic

RT @CNN: France and Germany are seeking clarity on a report that one of Denmark's intelligence agencies helped the US spy on several European officials, including Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron said Monday. https://t.co/vi5WXz8YPl

— Working remote from my car (@z4luvr) May 31, 2021

European leaders — including Germany's Merkel and France's Macron — are furious over new reports this week that the Obama/Biden Admin used Danish intelligence

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