Obama-Biden Admin Paid This Much for Aborted Baby Parts

Obama-Biden Admin Paid This Much for Aborted Baby Parts

As we all know, the Obama-Biden Administration was the abortion industry’s best friend.

Besides the cahoots with planned parenthood, new revelations have come to light about other abortion dealings the administration had up their sleeve.

The Judicial Watch received records from the FDA showing the administration spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to buy human fetal tissue from California-based Advanced Bioscience Resources.

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One experiment paid $2,000 per aborted baby to create humanized mice.

Another expense was $12,000 for a box of aborted baby parts.

Democrats love to try and play God. If abortion wasn’t grotesque enough, they then use taxpayer money to fund the industry.

Here is how normal people reacted on Twitter:

Why in the hell would anyone ever need to experiment with humanizing mice? Not with my taxes! If we employ them, why can’t we FIRE THEM?
Obama-Biden Admin Paid $2,000 Per Aborted Baby Part for Research, $12,000 for Box of Aborted Baby Parts https://t.co/H8fsvjTrOd

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