NYC’s “Unsophisticated Dream Team Of Incompetence” Unveils Covid Passport App...And It Sucks

NYC’s “Unsophisticated Dream Team Of Incompetence” Unveils Covid Passport App…And It Sucks

Everyone who still values logic, rational thought, and critical thinking knows Wuhan CCP Virus Passports are not only unnecessary, but also unconstitutional and 100% authoritarian and detrimental to a free or individualist society.

Governor Andrew Cuomo sucking in Bethlehem, N.Y. (Skip Dickstein/Times Union)

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Well, New York City decided to roll out a passport system, last week. They called it Excelsior Pass, joining the ranks of other magnificent  heroes before them who designed entire religions with disastrous consequences around bad science.

Many people don’t realize the passport exists or the fact that 10s of thousands of elderly New Yorkers were forced to their deaths by governor Cuomo in 2020, intentionally.  This is because the media didn’t cover it and, once it began bubbling over, they began focusing instead on Andrew Cuomo’s sex scandal, instead.

However, the passport is very real.  But, the reviews and effectiveness so far will make you laugh, they are so bad.  Designed by behemoth globalist government

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