NY Post is STILL Locked Out of Twitter - Media Blaming "Russian Disinformation"

NY Post is STILL Locked Out of Twitter – Media Blaming “Russian Disinformation”

The Big Tech Social Media companies have been under heavy fire for their apparent attempt to cover up for corruption for the Democratic Left. Most recently, Twitter scrubbed the internet of the internet-breaking story of Hunter Biden and his ties to China and the Ukraine, which his father has been associated with.

Twitter immediately removed the New York Post article and locked the 220-year-old newspaper company out of their own account. Similarly, Twitter locked out many other famous accounts including White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and Conservative celebrity, James Woods, and even the House Judiciary Official Account – among others.


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The most recent post by the NY Post was over three days ago. Political Editor at The Post, Emma-Joe Morrison, confirmed this morning.

As of this morning, Twitter has still not given the New York Post access to its online platform, citing “Russian Disinformation” as their primary reasoning.

It is odd that the sources for bombshell reports about

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