Nurse Secretly Records Superintendent Mask Nazi Segregating Non-Compliant Students

Nurse Secretly Records Superintendent Mask Nazi Segregating Non-Compliant Students

“This is government-sanctioned child abuse”

States in lockstep with the federal government continue to mandate unconstitutional COVID restrictions and bombard the public with an all-encompassing campaign to coerce compliance.

Masks and experimental gene therapy “keep people safe,” the illegitimate president and his Chi-com comrades incessantly warn.

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October marks the 20th month of the COVID bio-war in the United States – the unprecedented censorship of free speech and air, the inability to safely or legally show your face in public and concerted effort to replace inalienable rights with global conformity.

The jig is up.

Americans realize the COVID-19 pandemic is a bio-war is being orchestrated by installed politicians and uniting to force corrupt coronavirus charlatans to scurry like roaches in the light.

When Jynaia Badie, a registered nurse and mother of five, dropped her son off at Durham Highschool to begin 9th grade in September, she happened to drive around the campus moments later to find him sitting outside, alone, at a desk in front of the school.

No one from the school called to notify her about her son, Jeremiah Badie, being punished.

“My son, without my knowledge, was sat – for the whole neighborhood to see –  that he is wearing a scarlet letter because he’s choosing freedom,” Badie told the Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

Prepared to torpedo truth at a wall of lies, Jynaia immediately demanded answers.

Unaware that the Badie family was surreptitiously recording him, Durham Unified School District Superintendent John Bohannon lashed out at Badie, warning the concerned mom that Jeremiah was no longer allowed in the classroom unless he “conforms” and complies with the COVID policy and agenda.

Jynaia wasn’t “allowing it to be” a good morning upon discovering her son is being deprived of school attendance because she has “a lot of – a couple of kids who are not following the mandate,” Bohannon scoffs.

Pressed on the legality of segregating, shaming, penalizing and isolating her sons, who claim religious exemption from the mandate, Bohannon instructed Badie to find her non-compliant children another school to attend.

“I encourage you, if you don’t like the rules here to go find a school in your home district where you can take your kids.” the superintendent continued. “We’re not going to argue. you need to leave. You are not allowed to be on campus.”

Pressed on the legality of segregating, shaming and

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