Not a Surprise – The Big Green Deal is a Scam

Not a Surprise – The Big Green Deal is a Scam

Remember that time you thought you were digging into a bowl of chocolate ice cream and you discovered with the first bite that you were eating rancid prunes instead? That’s the definition of unexpected. Conversely, if you are having a colonoscopy you know exactly what is happening to you. The procedure is a definition of “EXPECTED”. It is only the results that can be unexpected.

Which brings me to slow Joe Biden, Wall Street and the economy. I am thoroughly amused at the surprise among journalists that the New Green Deal and the Biden Economic plan are not turning up roses. Consider these recent headlines:

‘Massive failure’: Why are millions of people in Texas still without power?

Retail Sales Unexpectedly Crashed in December

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US jobless claims unexpectedly rise to 861,000 amid chip shortage

Let’s start with the electricity debacle in Texas. You cannot blame this on Democrats. This floating turd was created with enthusiastic Republican help. Governors Rick

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