Normally Reserved Brit Hume Curses at David French Over Uncalled for Attack on Trump


Wanting to apologize for NeverTrumpers is like apologizing for some of your more wayward friends after college.

Seriously! They’re going to get their stuff together. OK, really, more than their stuff. OK, so it’s their crap, but like, they’re really going to get it together this time. Look, look, don’t say that s-word. They’re going to do it, really. They’re doing their own thing. Don’t judge, all right?

It doesn’t have to do with the fact that they disagree with me. I’m originally from New York City and I don’t spend most of my time in Bible study. This means before I was quarantined, I spent time with liberals in their natural habitat.

It instead has to deal with the fact with the fact that so many RINOS are … well, like David French.

David French is legitimately the kind of NeverTrumper you want to like. He’s not a bad guy — really, he’s not!

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