‘Non-Democrats In America Are In Peril’: Tucker Carlson Slams GOP ‘Appeasers’ For Failing To Fight

‘Non-Democrats In America Are In Peril’: Tucker Carlson Slams GOP ‘Appeasers’ For Failing To Fight

Fox News host Tucker Carlson delivered a stark warning Tuesday concerning the direction of the country if Republicans were unwilling to stand up and fight.

“Non-Democrats in America are in peril,” Carlson said as he opened his show with a monologue addressing the Democratic Party’s plan — from allowing illegal immigrants to vote, to packing the Supreme Court — in order to seize and keep control.


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Above a chyron that read “Dangerous: Radical Dems With Unlimited Power,” the Daily Caller cofounder recalled his Monday interview with Republican Indiana Sen. Mike Braun, whom he had accused of “taking his cues” from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer rather than chart a course that wouldn’t meet his approval. (RELATED: ‘Hold On, I Want You To Explain’: Tucker Carlson Presses Mike Braun On Qualified Immunity Bill)

Calling Braun “weak,” Carlson added, “That’s a problem. In a moment like this it’s a severe and dangerous problem. If they lose this, it will be profound consequences for you. People who supported Donald Trump will be punished, absolutely no question about that. There’s never been a political party as radical and as angry as the Democrats are now.”

Carlson went on

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