Nolte: Woke 'Wonder Woman 1984' Flops Worldwide

Nolte: Woke 'Wonder Woman 1984' Flops Worldwide

It is now official: the ultra-woke Wonder Woman 1984 is a worldwide box office catastrophe.

What I love about human nature is how universal it is. People may have different tastes in movies, but no one likes to be lectured or preached at or taught a lesson at the movies. We watch movies to escape the real world and/or to be moved, uplifted, or simply to enjoy a tour of the human condition. Even if that is dark, we’re still interested as long as it doesn’t come with a lecture.

Woke, and leftism in general, are violations of human nature, which is why Woke guarantees box office failure and disappointment. Woke killed the Star Wars film franchise. Even the prequels couldn’t do that. Woke sure did. That should tell you everything.

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And now Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to a movie that earned as much

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